SG302GA-WRL 2G units

SG302GA-WRL 2G Units

  1. 5 authorized cellular users
  2. 1300 smart remote controls
  3. Dialing to the system for opening the gate/door is free
  4. Can be used with prepaid Sim-card no monthly charge.
  5. Timer / events
  6. Control by SMS/application/web interface from anywhere, no distance limit.
  7. Recording last 1000 logs
  8. Import/Export Excel files
  9. Small size : 50×70 mm​
  10. GSM Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz Network
  11. 1 optical solid relay output
  12. 4 indication leds
  13. Operating power: 12-24V DC

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